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Our customers appreciate not only our capacious service but also our intensive consulting and the jointly search for unorthodox solutions. Therefore many of our projects stand out from the usual categories of CRO services. Please ask us. We are happy to tell you more.
Central project management for all current PMSs in the company.
Study design
From thoice of the optimal study desin to the preparation of all needed documents.
Data management
From the programming of data bases and data entry masks to clean file.
From the programming to the integrated study report
Clinical trials
From the planning over the realization to the preparation of the final report in the context of clinical studies phase II-IV within the guidelines of ICH-GCP and German Medicines Law.
Post-marketing studies
From design over project management to postprocessing.
Psycho diagnostics
Consulting in the use of available test procedures until to the design of specific psycho-diagnostic tests.
Other projects
From the idea over planning up to realization.


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